ELC President

The ELC offers Cargill a concrete platform to exchange and debate key regulatory issues and build common positions with other specialty food ingredient manufacturers. Besides sharing knowledge and expertise, the ELC offers the industry privileged contacts with the European institutions.  Our ELC membership contributes to managing EU regulatory matters and the reputation of our ingredients, such as lecithins, pectins, seaweeds and others.

Franck Monmont, Regional Director EMEA at Cargill

ELC Vice-President

Thanks to the ELC the ECU has the unique opportunity of making a difference for its business activities at EU level. The ELC, as a professional organisation, delivers knowledge and insight of all European matters impacting food and food specialty ingredients businesses. The ELC makes our voice count.

Christian Baz, Scientific Advisor at ECU, the European Committee for Umami

Member associations

Being a Member of ELC gives us access to the most up-to-date information on EU activities about food specialty ingredients, both with emails and physical meetings, giving also the opportunity to be pro-active on sensitive issues. Otherwise it would be difficult for our SME member companies to access to such information. ELC represents shared industry positions at higher levels with EU Institutions. As a National Association, we can forward ELC position to our National Authorities, having a combined action at EU and national level.

Having a link with other Sector Associations gives us the possibility to share positions on specific issues of common interest that may arise.

Marco Mercenari, President of Federchimica-AISPEC

Specialty ingredients play a crucial role in assuring Europe’s continued position as a world leader in food quality. But that is not always understood by EU decision makers. All specialty ingredient producers must work together to correct the misperceptions about their products and ELC is the vehicle for making that happen.

Marie-Laure Empinet, Executive Committee Member at Starch Europe

SYNPA, the French food and feed specialty ingredients association, is actively involved in the work of ELC, as it is crucial for our members, that their interests and the vision of the French industry are promoted at European association level. ELC is the key player for food specialty ingredients on the Brussels scene. By its position ELC informs its members on all important decisions and on-going works on strategic issues for the specialty food ingredients industry.

Mélanie Le Plaine-Mileur, Secretary General of SYNPA

Member companies

Why is BENEO a happy member of ELC? Because the specialty ingredient industry as a whole needs a strong voice in Europe in parallel to the general food and drink Industry represented by FoodDrinkEurope. This is especially true as we are on the first row to face specific regulations (Novel Food, Nutrition and Health Claim, Food additive and Enzyme…) about which we need an association to defend the interests of our whole industry… (and not BENEO only) towards the Authorities, the European Parliament and other parties. Our industry has also a high innovation potential which needs to be supported more by the Authorities. Finally, we will be stronger to communicate to the European community what our industry is all about all together than BENEO alone!

Dominique Speleers, Member of Beneo’s Executive Board

DuPont is very satisfied with the work performed at ELC.  The work delivered for the Novel Food Regulation is a key example for us on the impact that ELC can have.  We believe that engaging in industry related topics and challenges at ELC helps to drive progress for our customers and consumers. Our technical exchanges have been very helpful and we clearly get value from the diverse contributions from being a member of ELC. In the dynamic European regulatory environment it is very helpful to have the perspectives and voice of ELC as a collection of member companies to help engage in open and constructive dialogue with the Commission.

Angela Naef, PhD Vice President Global Technology & Innovation, DuPont Nutrition & Health

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