03-10-2017Better Functioning of the Food Supply Chain - High Level Forum Sherpa Group meeting

The  Sherpa Group, of which EU Specialty Food Ingredients is a member, notably discusses the progress made by the JRC in developing a methodology to assess dual quality of foodstuffs. 

03-10-2017EUFIC conference – Trust in science in the post-fact era

EU Specialty Food Ingredients participates at this conference looking at how social media can influence public perception, how the post-fact era has influenced science journalism and science, and how different stakeholders could play a part in creating a new ‘fact era’. 

28-09-2017EU-US Food Law Conference

Organised by EFLA, the conference focuses on placing new food products on the market comparing the differences between the EU and US approaches, a topic of interest for EU Specialty Food Ingredients members.

20-07-2017SPS Market Access WG

A delegation from EU Specialty Food Ingredients hears about the status of the authorisation of food additives in Japan from a delegated expert in the Mission of Japan to support industry in their applications.

22-06-2017EFSA Round Table with industry associations (Parma)

EU Specialty Food Ingredients contribute for the 4th consecutive year to the EFSA’s Roundtable , the aim of which is to discuss transparency and dialogue during EFSA’s risk assessment process. 

20-06-2017High Level Forum – Sherpa meeting

EU Specialty Food Ingredients attend the 4th meeting of the Sherpa group of the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain, where dual quality of food products is discussed.

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