24-09-201824-09 – DG Trade meeting with EU China Chamber of Commerce

EU Specialty Food Ingredients is invited to the annual meeting of the EU China Chamber of Commerce with DG Trade, where an update on different topics  is delivered.

21-09-2018Internal Market for food

A sub-group of the High Level Forum for a Better Functioning Food Supply Chain, of which EU Specialty Food Ingredients is a contributor, meets to discuss barriers to the Single Market.

18-09-2018EFSA Conference Science, Food, Safety

A delegate from EU Specialty Food Ingredients attends the EFSA Annual Conference, which  “is constructed around the motto “contextualising risk assessment”. This means reflecting on the future of risk assessment in food safety while acknowledging the social and political context within which it operates. 
Researchers, risk assessors, social scientists, risk managers and stakeholders from all over the world gather to discuss issues around the complex interplay between science, food and society”. 

13-09-2018Multiple composition of foodstuffs – JRC testing campaign

EU Specialty Food Ingredients participates to the JRC coordination meeting for the EU-wide testing campaign to assess quality related characteristics of branded food products.

05-09-2018EFSA webinar: Inputting data using the additive usage template & an introduction to the Food Additive Intake Model (FAIM)

EU Specialty Food Ingredients welcomes EFSA’s continuation of trainings for the applicants who are requested to fill the additive usage template as part of their petitions for food additives, as well as on the FAIM v 2.0.

20-07-2018Market Access

EU Specialty Food Ingredients participates in the meeting of DG Trade’s Market Access WG on SPS issues, where the  approval of food additives in Japan is discussed amongst others.

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