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Specialty food ingredients have technological and/or functional benefits and are essential in providing today's consumer with a wide range of tasty, safe, healthy, affordable, qualitative and sustainably produced food. They are key segment in the European food industry that is used in many of consumer foods and have consequently become part of our daily life.

EU Specialty Food Ingredients is THE voice of specialty food ingredients in Europe. EU Specialty Food Ingredients represents its members by:

- Engaging with authorities for the continued development of a fair regulatory environment;

- Being a transparent and credible partner, committed to science and knowledge sharing;

- Developing understanding of the role and benefits that specialty food ingredients play today, starting with food manufacturers.

And thus: increasing trust in specialty food ingredients towards the relevant stakeholders.

See EU Specialty Food Ingredients position in the food value chain here (select HD in Youtube settings)


On 16 May 2018, on behalf of EU Specialty Food Ingredients, Mr Markus Wyss will deliver a presentation about “the Nagoya Protocol on access and benefit sharing and its potential impact on product development activities” along the following lines:

  • The protocol is a supplementary agreement to the...

2018-0410th Anniversary of the Food Improvement Agents Package (FIAP) – EU Specialty Food Ingredients held a Panel Debate

In December 2008, the European Union adopted its Food Improvement Agents Package (also known as ‘FIAP’). The purpose of this new set of legal instruments was to harmonise, streamline the use of food additives, enzymes and flavourings, and establish a common authorisation procedure for these products.



EUFIC, the European Food Information Council, has put on line a video that explains what food additives are and their technological role in foods and beverages. EU Specialty Food Ingredients welcome this educational tool that supplements the various information packages about food additives, which are...

2018-02EU Specialty Food Ingredients congratulates its member ISA on its digital distinction

The International Sweeteners Association (ISA), one of the members of EU Specialty Food Ingredients, has done particularly well by gathering the most YouTube views in 2017 out of 598 European associations, according to  a survey carried out by Cambre Associates. Congratulations to the ISA!


Latest Updates from EU Specialty Food Ingredients



    At the plenary meeting of the Advisory Group on the Food Chain and Animal and Plant Health, EU Specialty Food Ingredients hear  from the European Commission about inter alia the  Revision of Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 on general food law (transparency and sustainability of the EU risk assessment in the food chain) and the SPS in trade agreements.



    EU Specialty Food Ingredients attend the first joint meeting of Stakeholders and Member State Competent authority experts on Regulation (EU) No 1169/2011 on the provision of food information to consumers on front-of-pack nutrition labelling.



    At a meeting from the Nutrition Committee of EU Specialty Food Ingredients, members hear from DG SANTE about the  new e-submission system for online submissions of novel foods applications and traditional foods notifications from third countries.



    A delegate from EU Specialty Food Ingredients participates in the 2nd meeting of JRC’s network of experts related to assessing the quality of foods, which works on the development of a harmonised testing protocol and future testing campaigns in Member States.

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