About Us

The Federation of European Specialty Food Ingredients Industries (EU Specialty Food Ingredients) has contributed to key European food regulatory issues since it was founded in 1983. EU Specialty Food Ingredients combines credible science and trusted experts to provide cutting edge information to the public and policy makers about the many health and functional benefits relating to specialty food ingredients.


EU Specialty Food Ingredients monitors relevant news and developments in the wider food industry, providing its members and the public accurate and up-to-date reports and information.


As the voice of the Specialty Food Ingredients Industries in Europe, our federation informs and discusses pressing issues within its diverse network, and when possible, represents the collective interests of its members on scientific, technical and regulatory issues on food related aspects in Europe.


As the food sector is one of the most regulated environments in the world, EU Specialty Food Ingredients is dedicated to creating a positive and safe EU regulatory arena to help foster innovation. At the forefront of this dynamic industry for more than 25 years, EU Specialty Food Ingredients takes action to proactively influence EU legislation and represent the industry with EU decision-makers.

Press Room

If you're a journalist or PR person, we have complete information packs on various subjects.