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2014-03EU Specialty Food Ingredients welcomes 3 new members !

Ajinomoto Europe, J. Rettenmaier & Söhne and the Danish Agriculture & Food Council (Secretariat for Specialty Food Ingredients Industries) have joined EU Specialty Food Ingredients this year, thus reinforcing the united voice for the specialty food ingredients industry on scientific, technical and regulatory issues relating to food products in Europe. It is our aim to ensure that all stakeholders – from manufacturers and retailers to regulatory authorities and consumers – are correctly informed of the use, safety and benefits of specialty food ingredients. By working together, EU Specialty Food Ingredients  offers members the opportunity to help shape regulatory policy for the food industry. Also, as a network of producers, there is mutual understanding and respect for common priorities.

EU Specialty Food Ingredients  stands as a total of 40 members, including 20 companies, 15 sectoral associations, 4 national associations and 1 associate member. The full list of EU Specialty Food Ingredients  members can be found here. In total, more than 200 international and national food ingredients companies (including around 22 % of SMEs) are currently involved in EU Specialty Food Ingredients activities through direct membership or an association.
Thanks to the contribution of more than 90,000 employees, the European specialty food ingredients industry generates a turnover of around €40 billion. 4 % in average of EU specialty food ingredients manufacturers’ turnover is dedicated to research & development – up to 8 % in certain sectors.

By combining the exceptional knowledge of our members, encouraging co-operation and fostering strong links with European institutions, the EU Specialty Food Ingredients will continue to take an active role in the future of the wider food industry.

Membership information is available here.

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