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2019-05EU Specialty Food Ingredients supports EFSA’s campaign ‘EU And My Food’

EU Specialty Food Ingredients is happy to support the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) new campaign ‘EU And My Food’, about safe and nutritious food. We all want food that is safe, ingredients we can trace and claims about the benefits of food to be proven. The EU ensures that farmers, manufacturers and supermarkets deliver a high level of safety for their products and provide accessible information for consumers about all the ingredients and their origin.

EFSA carefully assess ingredients, processes, packaging and labelling and make sure nutrition and health claims are backed by science. So you can make informed choices about safe food and nutritious food for you and your family. Please find more information on the campaign on the dedicated website here:

Follow the conversation on social media with the dedicated hashtags: #EUandMyFood and #EUandMe

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