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2014-10Innovation and Sustainability key points addressed in High Level Forum with EU Specialty Food Ingredients participation

The strategic mission of the Forum is to improve the efficiency of the food supply chain and the competitiveness of the agro-food sector.

“I am very pleased that innovation and sustainability challenges are key points addressed in the continued multi-stakeholder dialogue”, declared EU Specialty Food Ingredients  President Hans-Christian Ambjerg, who attended the Forum.

The EU Specialty Food Ingredients particularly welcomes that the Forum calls for following up on the fitness check of the General Food Law to ensure coherence across the regulatory framework, innovation and competitiveness of the food supply chain. “The EU specialty food ingredients manufacturers are at the cutting edge of research and innovation investing over 1 billion Euros in R&D annually,” added Mr Ambjerg. “We develop innovative solutions to address existing public health and food safety needs. We also offer tools to improve resource efficiency along the whole food value chain, with the effective impact that our ingredients have on food processing and storage.”

EU Specialty Food Ingredients  is one of the co-signatories of the joint declaration facilitated by the Forum on Actions towards a more sustainable European food chain, which lists 32 recommendations for an EU policy framework fit for purpose.

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