Food cultures

Microbial Food Cultures (MFC) are live bacteria, yeasts or moulds used in food production such as yogurt.

Microbial Food Cultures (MFC) preparations are formulations, consisting of concentrates of one or more microbial species and/or strains including unavoidable media components carried over from the fermentation and components, which are necessary for their survival, storage, standardisation and to facilitate their application in the food production process.

Starter cultures* are MFC preparations used as food ingredients at one or more stages in the food manufacturing process, which develop the desired metabolic activity during the fermentation or ripening process. They contribute to the one or multiple unique properties of food stuff especially in regard to taste, flavour, colour, texture, safety, preservation, nutritional value, wholesomeness and/or health benefits.


Watch the Danish Association Ingredients Forum’s video about Bacterial cultures: